Hair Transplant

Hair loss can be caused by genetic predisposition, stress, unbalanced diet, chronic fatigue, environmental and hormonal factors. Hair transplantation, “grafts” taken from the back and sides of the head (donor), which are insensitive to male pattern hair loss, are transplanted to the areas that have suffered hair loss. Hair with these features in the transplanted area does not fall out.

Today, the most commonly used method in hair transplantation is FUE (follicular unit extraction) grafts of 0.6-1.2 mm in size are taken with a special method and transplanted to the needed area. It is a mini-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia compared to other methods, without any incisions and stitches.

October lasts between 4-8 hours on average. You can start light activities the day after the surgery. During the recovery period, there may be edema lasting 3-5 days. After 3 days, you can wash your hair and return to your daily life.

I think hair transplant is a miracle. Every morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I was not satisfied with myself. After the operation, my self-confidence increased and this was reflected in my business life. It’s like I’m starting to enjoy my life more. Dr. I am grateful to Ms. Medina and her team.

My hair loss started at an early age and this made me unhappy. I was frankly afraid of the surgery and was nervous about the unnatural outcome. My wife did the research and we went to Dr.Medine lady together. He patiently answered all my questions during the meeting and gave me confidence. I had surgery a week later and now I am very satisfied. I wonder why I waited so long. Health to your hands!